Mixed Methods
A short guide to applied mixed methods research
About this book
This short book is for people doing applied research in technology, marketing, health care, financial services, communications, or product strategy. It is for anyone who has gaps in their methods training. If you skipped those classes, or simply learned methods without the reasons for choosing a specific one, you will get value from this book. The book will show you how to effectively mix methods and data sets, and how to help stakeholders become more sophisticated customers of good research.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Understanding The Qual/Quant Divide
A Mixed Methods Example: Stories as a Network
What Are Mixed Methods? Mixing Objectivism and Constructivism
  • A constructivist view of technology
  • How the qual/quant divide plays out
  • Abandoning the scientific method: the creative encounter
  • Mitigating the weaknesses of qual and quant research

Why mix methods?

Ways to mix methods

How to mix methods, step by step
  • Project kick-off and framing
  • Developing shared understanding about research needs and resource constraints
  • Framing your approach: inductive or deductive frame?
  • Social Infrastructure: preparing teams for mixed methods
  • Research design
  • Priority or dominance
  • Data collection: simultaneous or sequential
  • Sequential designs
  • Simultaneous designs
  • Clarifying concepts or variables
  • Data analysis and interpretation: mixing Induction and Deduction
  • Can analysis and interpretation be a team sport?
  • During reporting

New Horizons for Mixed Methods Research

Conclusion: To Mix or Not to Mix?


Sam Ladner
is the author of Practical Ethnography: A Guide to Doing Ethnography in the Private Sector. She has worked at major technology companies including Microsoft and Amazon. She holds a PhD in sociology from York University in Toronto, and has published widely on the social uses of technology.

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